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I need a Digital Camcorder that can record rock bands in a live setting. Key features need to be quality sound recording (stereo) and an ability to handle sometimes loud volume input levels. My old Sony 8mm stereo camcorder used to do this with no effort as there was some sort of limiting circuit in the mics so that there could be no overload. Secondly, I need maximum zoom (not digital zoom either) as the camera is usually in the back of the hall in the balcony. External stereo mix input and mounting shoe a must also.

I don't want to go with the highest end (Canon XM2 or Sony DCRVX2100) not because of price but because of size.

Budget up to £1000.

I've been through all the reviews and none of them really talk much about my particular needs so am helpless to evaluate.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi, just wondering if you managed to choose the right camcorder?

I want to record bands in our pub with sound and wonder if you can offer any ideas on camcorder and mike

Thanks for any help


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That first post is so old ...I imagine he may even have bought another camcorder since then!:eek:
Maybe you should just open a new thread or search for a more recent one with similar query but FWIW i think the camcorders he discounted as being big are the best for the job ( at that price point) in terms of low light ability and the ability to control audio input levels .
Saying that, even today they still cost more than £1000
For video recording of Music events, having an off board microphone or even separate audio recording is not an unreasonable idea

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