Question Best cabling setup for TV Over 20m away via HDMI or something different?

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    Hi (Admin please remove this as I have found the cabling section)

    I am asking advice on the best cabling setup to connect a DVR Box/Sat box to a 4kTV. Possibly 2x TVs in different locations.

    The problem I have, one TV is approx 20m away and the other 10m and I cant take the box to the TV.

    I have been studying the forum and I have gathered any HDMI cable over 6-8m is "no good". I always thought as digital cable any length would be ok but I want to ask your advice.

    So I have three questions in one here:
    1. What is the best cable to use to connect TV at a distance of 10m & 20m?

    2. The cabling has to be able to output for 4k res

    3. What would I use to send the image to three different locations (TV where the box is, one 20ms away amd the other 10m away)

    Any questions please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris K
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