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Just got the bose soundtouch 10 for my gf. I was sceptical as - well Bose. But I was very surprised. It's superb for the size. Nice 6 button preset option which is configurable through the (average) app. Very impressed.


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The details on the Sony are about 12 months out of date. The SRS X7 has been discontinued, replaced by the X77. The flagship is now the X99 with the X88 sitting just below it.


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I struggle with the idea of these single box speakers. Admittedly i was bought up with amps and a decent pair of stereo speakers. Every one of this genre Sonos, bose, Denon that I've heard has sounded flat ,uninteresting, has no separation and no clout as surely if you are using speakers of this size they need a sub to shift the air that bass requires?I'm surprised the major speaker manufacturers haven't brought out a wireless offering. At the moment i'll stick with the inconvenience of wires and enjoy my music rather than the muzak that these current offerings produce. I'm not having a pop here Im just genuinely enquiring whether there is something that produces proper sound rather than a virtual soundstage which for me doesn't work!


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I remember when I first saw a sonos setup in a local hifi shop a long while back and remembered asking how it stacked against a decent amp speakers and CD player. I was told it holds its own very well. I laughed and walked off thinking I'd never move away from the quality of CDs. Now probably 10yrs down the line all I listen to is my sonos. My play 5 sounds great maybe even better than my arcam amp and monitor audio speakers connected to a sonos connect. Stereo separation not as good but everything else is really good


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I find Sonos does everything you need it to.
It is slick and easy, and performs well.
It can be used with traditional speakers if that's what you want or you can buy a play 1, 3 or 5 which all, for their size, provide a good enough sound for the mass market.


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I wonder how D&M are managing with their belief that Heos doesn't infringe any Sonos patents. I can't find any recent news except that Denon are claiming Sonos haven't produced enough evidence to support their infringement claim.

This blog entry shows their co-founder is intent on seeing this through, but his statement that they don't relish the court action seems a little forgetful as they celebrated victory in defence of alleged infringements of other's patents. To be clear and if Sonos have real foundation, I'd be doing the same thing in Craig's shoes. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but hard work and innovation should not be clip-boarded.

I'm sure Yamaha's MusicCast is going to be equally scrutinised, although they've said right here on AVF (Post 13) that they don't want to make 'carbon copies of what's on the market right now'. The AVR integration is already there, and you're not necessarily locked into their products either (Bluetooth speakers and headphones are also supported). So I'm really looking forward to MusicCast reviews, but this approach is looking favourite for my investment.

Whatever your requirements, there sure are a lot of products to satisfy music around the home. But with so many new refinements and collaborations, is the original still the best? I'd probably go that way but it works out more expensive and with more boxes, and my petite 2 bed has many contenders vying for space!


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I am after a couple of PLAY 1's, although I just realised I could probably get away with a more traditional set-up (amp, speakers etc). Has anyone used the PLAY 1's in a stereo pair?


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I got a couple of R7's for Xmas and have to say that they are bloody brilliant, not only do they sound great stand alone, but I paired them up in stereo and was blown away by the clarity of sound, especially when playing my more classic music, as my kids call it "the old man's stuff". But in all seriousness I was really impressed by how easy they were to set up, and I was even able to link them up with my F750 Soundbar and got great Surround Sound whilst watching my Xmas Blu-rays. If you want a great balanced speaker then you won't go far wrong with this.

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