best buy & quidco for macs?


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This is probably in the wrong section, but I thought I would start it here.

Over on a popular 'hot deal' site there are lots of people claiming that you can get quidco cashback (14.8%) on laptops & computers. Now if this is true, I would have thought I would have heard many people talk about how cheap it is to buy new macs/ipads at best buy...:confused:

so my question is...

Does anyone, or has anyone had quidco track from best buy for buying a new mac/ipad?




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Reading the associated t&c one would assume Mac's are included - seems too good to be true though!

An alternative for an even bigger discount may be the Apple Refurb Store + 4% Quidco.

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No reason why it wouldn't apply to Macs - the only risk is hoping that it tracks, I suppose, because Quidco isn't a guaranteed up-front discount.


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I've just got a mac book pro 15inch i5. Best deal I could find was Pixmania through Quidco. Worked out delivered about £1230.


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Hi muzzi,

Viking Direct had a deal on for 15% off + 8% Quidco Cashback - They sell macs - need to add 17.5% VAT to these prices but it still seemed to be a good discount when I tallied it up.




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I bought a mac mini from PC World for £539 and got 6% cash back from Quidco on Monday this week.


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BestBuy is £509.80 at the moment for the Mini, the 32Gb Touch is £199 after the cashback etc. Of course if you have to buy Applecare then the HE store is still best if you can get a friend to source it for you at £540. Viking is back to 8% on everything, the higher codes were a very short aberration it seems.

For anyone thinking of buying, are these reserve and turn up prices at Best Buy or are they shipped to you?


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A bit late now i know........but Currys were doing the Imac MC508 at £899.
There was also a £60 off code which brought this down to £839.

There was also a possible quidco of 3% (-£25) making it £813!

This went back up this morning, but may come back again...I hope!
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