Best Buy Hi-Fi Speakers of 2016


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Thanks for the article Ed, but it's a shame that there's no inclusion of at least one pair of PMC speakers here.
There at least half a dozen UK manufacturers of hifi speakers who are currently riding the crest of the wave. PMC being one. Another brand that never seems to get a mention either is ATC, being extremely highly regarded in the industry.
I appreciate though that your recommendations are purely based on models reviewed here. Therefore the overall conclusion is somewhat limited.


I'd agree about pmc and Atc which are well raved about. Spendors are good speakers but my impression, rightly or wrongly, is that they aren't quite as good as pmc or Atc just for pure musicality and aren't in the pmc or atcs class, particularly with the new PMC twenty5 series. I listened to spendor a6r's when I bought my pmc 20-23s and the spendors were a little bit balanced towards the treble compared to the perfect bass and treble balance of the 20-23s if only the 20-23s were a little less detailed, the musical presentation is better. The 25 23 I now have take it a stage further which outshine the a6r's in pretty much every class. Also better build and looks in pmc to spendor now with quality of twenty5 series, which have left the spendors and atcs behind.
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