Best buy AV30R new or ex dem AV32R ?


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I am considering the purchase of a TAG processor but which one?

Should I buy a new AV30R or an ex demo (about a year old) AV32R. The AV32R is slightly more expensive but it does not have the 5.1 inputs or the 192 Dacs of the current model.

This is an ultimate type purchase for me. I am very unlikely to upgrade to an AV192R. However I might upgrade to 7.1 at some stage. As far as I know the 7.1 upgrade for the AV30R is substantially cheaper than the same upgrade for the AV32R.

I will use the system mainly for movies with coax digital input via spdif. Will one option sound any better than the other ?

any advice appreciated

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Having listened to both I would say that you would be hard pressed to distinguish between the two, unless the rest of your system is also high quality and you have well tuned ears. Having said that, I would still recommend that you go for the AV32R. The upgrade policy that Tag offers is unique and you may want to upgrade at some future date (even if currently you don't think you will). The AV30R is essentially the end of the road compared to the AV32R, which looks like it will go on for some time yet in one form or another.


Rob (who also bought his AV32R secondhand)

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