Best Buy 4K HDR LED TVs of 2016 under £1,600


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Nice article. I just recently upgraded one of my TV's to the Samsung KS7000 after quite a bit of research and reading the various threads and TV reviews on here. That help was invaluable in picking my TV and I am delighted with it - very very good value for money in terms of price v performance.

It ended up being a toss up between a 60 inch Samsung KS7000 and the 65 inch Hisense M7000 as both where pretty closely matched on price. I ended up losing 5 inches inches in screensize to gain the extra HDR brightness of the Samsung but it was a close call. No regrets with the Samsung and its actually quite difficult to say anything bad about it as it just performs so well in so many areas.

So thanks a lot to the AVForums team - your reviews have really helped me decide what to buy - keep up the good work!


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Considering the Sony, no mention of the input lag or gaming performance though. How is it for gaming?
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