Best buy 37" LCD?? Please help!



I am a relative novice to the LCD TV debate and am looking to buy a 37" LCD TV
(are the 32" lcd tv's a better buy - depending on the size of your room) or are 37" ones just as good, just bigger. If so can someone please give me some advice as to what would be a good up to date set for use with HD sky, possibly an x-box 360 at a later date and dvd's. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks. :lease:


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well tomorrow i'm buying the LG 37' LC2D for just over £1000 at john lewis, suppose to be a very good set for the price.


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I have just posted a new question asking pretty much the same thing..... so I would also be interested in the replies to this thread :smashin:

There are so many things to look at, all different built in connections, specs etc :lease: :suicide:


Im in the 'LG 37 LC2D' or 'Toshiba 37WLT66' or 'NOT BOTHER!' CAMPS!!

The LG I understand can be 1:1 pixel mapped with a HTPC which will be its main purpose for me (MCE 2005)

however the reviews dont give it a great rating esp for analogue TV which it will be doing for some time yet
My own personal demo in comet i thought the analogue picture wasnt bad after some tweaking

The TOSH has excellent ratings in all reviews yet people say it cant be 1:1 pixel mapped with an HTPC!( Or can it?) which kinda blows that one up

Im very tempted to just say &*^% IT! and forget it!

:thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow


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I got the LG 37" LC2R and am extremely happy with it. The picture and sound quality is impressive, especially on HD. Connectivity is great including 2xHDMI, and all for less than a grand

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