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Nov 28, 2002
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HI. I currently have an Infocus LP340 and was thinking of selling it to get a projector that gives dedicated 16:9. Currently there is a lot of light pollution or bleed around the image.

Q's: Does a dedicated 16:9 prevent this light leakage?

Are there any reasonable projectors under a grand that do this?

Any idea what I might get for my projector please? Lamp has been used a couple of hundred hours I guess and well looked after...

Cheers for your help....


With a true 16:9 projector you will not get the overspill of light around the image as you do on 4:3 units when set to 16:9

The Sanyo PLV-Z1 is in your price bracket and gives a respectable image.
The Panny AE300 can be had for less than £1K, it's 960x540 and a nice machine for a first projector. are doing the Sanyo Z1 for £637.00 (£748.48 inc. VAT).

Native Wide Aspect Ratio
Video (964*544)
700 ANSI lumens
3.4kg (7.50lbs.)
Horizontal & Vertical lens shift
Theatre black mode
800:1 Contrast Ratio
PAL Progressive Compatible
And the AE300 for £930.60 inc. VAT.

Native Wide Aspect Ratio
Video (960*540)
800 ANSI lumens
2.9kg (6.40lbs.)
5000 hour lamp life (typical)
SCART Socket
Smooth screen technology
Horizontal & Vertical keystone correction
Free pixel check
800:1 Contrast Ratio
DVI Input
Includes Case
PAL Progressive Compatible
Cheers chaps,

Got my self a Sanyo plv-z1. Good spec and good value projector.
I need to sell my Infocus LP340 now. I reckon I should get about 550 - 600 it. Its in good condition and the lamp has always been looked after. Cooled down nicely etc...

Thanks for your help,

What do you think of the Z1 ?

There are quite a lot of comments about the visible screen door and noise. How does it compare to your LP340?

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