Question Best budget sound system under £250


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I am not in the UK and have little choice within my budget through local stores.

This is for upgrading from (Hisense 55" A6100) TV speakers, to use with PS4 Pro (4k gaming), Netflix, USB movies and music from phone/tablet, in a moderately large. irregularly shaped and empty bedroom except for a bed and 1 wardrobe).

These are the 3 choices I have for my budget (prices converted to £):

  1. Yamaha Sound Bar £220
    MODEL: YAS-108
  2. Sony 2.1ch Soundbar £240
    MODEL: HT-CT290
  3. Sony DVD Home Cinema System £230
    MODEL: DAV-DZ350

I personally am inclined to go for the Yamaha, as I know (from YAS-108 - Specs - Yamaha - United States)
it has all the bells and whistles for 4k/dolby passthrough and a connection for a subwoofer for later on if I want to. I cannot say for the Sony really if it's all there.

Grateful for anyone's views on what to choose.




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You could also look at some of the higher end PC surround offerings from the likes of Logitech but a soundbar would certainly be the easiest.


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You could also look at some of the higher end PC surround offerings from the likes of Logitech but a soundbar would certainly be the easiest.

Absolutely. Last time I had a sound setup was back when I was using the PS2!! So i'm going for the easiest route right now.

I'm going for the Yamaha btw, even though they have it in Red only :(

Will post again once I get hold of it.


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Tried it. Installation is OK although it could be easier I guess.

FYI using ARC on a Hisense A6100uw:

You won't get any sound from the TV (but you will from a console connected to the soundbar) through a hdmi connected to the soundbar.
1. Connect (high speed hdmi, but don't worry too much about the cable unless it's really old) TV to soundbar (hdmi out port on soundbar, sounds contradictory but that's where the ARC comes in to make it two way traffic) using the ARC hdmi port on the TV.
2. Go to "system" (not picture) settings on TV and go to "hdmi & CEC functions" and set connection to "Enhanced format".
3. Go to sound settings on the TV and go to "Speakers" and choose ARC instead of TV Speaker or "SPDIF".

Voilà, anything you play on the TV (Netflix TV app, USB plugged in TV, etc..) will now play from the soundbar!

Note: if you don't have ARC on your TV, you will need to connect the TV to the soundbar using an optical cable. In your TV sound settings, you will choose SPDIF under the tv's Speaker settings as per above.

Hope this helps guys, I spent some time trying to figure this out but I'm glad it now works.

Sound quality? Amazing. And I haven't event tried more than 1/2 of the max volume! Movies sound amazing with the surround on, and games are even better using the game surround setting in the phone app! Rdr2 and Far cry 5 are games I spent some time playing but with the soundbar, it's just a completely different experience as you realise how much sound details you didn't hear before.

Also, I did the update for the soundbar (look it up on the yamaha website, instructions are surprisingly easy to follow) and I downloaded the app on my phone so I can now control the soundbar with my phone (only when I'm using the bluetooth function because when using the TV or a console, I can use the TV remote to adjust the sound bar's volume). Plus you get a few additional options on the app compared to the sound bar's remote (kind of really..).
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