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Hey everyone, im brand new to this forum and i seek your expert knowledge :). Im looking for a good AV receiver for around $400-$1000. Im open to any brand as long as it can do what I want. It is important to me that sound quality of the receiver is more important to me than the newest features. Heres a list of the sort of things im doing with this home theatre:

Hooking up PS3, xbox, cable box via HDMI
5.1 Surround sound
Possible building a HTPC to hook up

Note:Not doing anything related to 3-D television (dunno if this changes anything). I am also not planning on doing anything multi-room or anything so those features arnt needed at all.

Thats all the stuff i can think of off the top of my head, lemme know if theres any other factors that are important. Thanks for reading!
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Where in the world are you? This is a UK forum so you may not have the same makes available here and you may have makes that we do not have in the UK.
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