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Jan 22, 2007
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i am thinking of buying a 19inch for the bedroom and i need one that is hd ready and is under £270.
i will be connecting a ps3 to it and i will be watching sd tv on it.
can anyone recomend anything within this price range.also if their is anything bigger please let me know aswell.

Try to find a wee bit more and get the excellent Philips 20PF5320/10 you seriously wont be disappointed.
I'd recommend getting either the current Mirai 27" or the Dabs Value 32" (refurbished). Both are supposed to be excellent sets for the money and will give you more VFM than a smaller screen. Othewise get a computer monitor with a higher resolution that has good (and plentiful) inputs.
The only thing I can advise if you are going for 'budget' brands is to stay away from AOC.

My current PC monitor is AOC and I have numerous issues with the backlight (flickering, turning the entire screen pink etc). After just over a year old, I would expect more from a monitor like this. I can only assume the QC isn't quite up to scratch.

So if LCD monitors are an issue, stay away from their LCD TV's!

Companies like and are also notorious for appallingly bad customer service so be warned.

In short, research the product you are going to buy, and research the company you are buying it from...

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