Best budget DVD player for a Sanyo Z4 projector


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Im going to get myself a Z4 projector for Christmas. :thumbsup: But im still confused as to which DVD player to use. I can either use my old Sony DVP-S735D with a component or buy either the Samsung HD950, Toshiba SD350 or denon 1920 with a new HDMI connection. From what i've read so far the denon seems to have design faults, Toshiba a bad HDMI picture, not sure about the Samsung atm.

Perhaps its just worth buying the toshiba and use the component connection rather than the HDMI :rolleyes: . Another problems is that fact i will need a 10m lead to connect my pj and dvd player :rolleyes: .

My question is, which one of these players with either component or HDMI would perform best with a Z4 given consideration to the fact i will need a 10m cable.

Thanks for the help.



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The Z3 was relatively poor over component I believe, is the Z4 better?

I'd try the Toshiba or perhaps go for an Oppo which can come with a DVI to HDMI lead...PJ
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