Best budget 4K AV amp which allows expansion


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I am upgrading my TV from HD 32in to UHD 4K 49in. My AV amp is the Denon AV 2310, which I will also need to upgrade. My top priority is music - hence the Arcam A28 amp and the MA GS20 speakers. So I need a decent AV amp which would cope with 4K and HDR content but also allow the Arcam to still power the front pair of speakers. I had my eye on the Sony STR-DN1080 until I saw that it could not be expanded as it lacks pre-outs.

So, is there a decent budget AV amp which would allow the expansion option and handle the 4K and HDR demands? I see the Denon AVR-X2400H
does have that capability but is 2017 so at around that price point, is there a better option than the Denon?


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The X2400 does not have pre-outs, the specs can be misleading as it says Yes but only 0.2 which means two Sub-woofer outputs only. The X3xxx is the lowest Denon with full pre-outs. However for music I prefer the Marantz SR6014.


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I think a Denon 3x00 would also be my choice. I wouldn't pay extra for a Marantz bring as the AVR won't be involved at all for music, that's despite being a very happy Marantz owner myself.


It is the Denon X3XXX models that you would need to allow a front left and right pre-outs to be connected. No point spending the extra on the Marantz.


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Thank you for your replies. As so often with the subject of Hi Fi and AV, the more answers, the more questions... having looked at the Denon AVC-X3700H which looks very impressive, I am rethinking my whole approach. Maybe it is time to lose the two Arcam units (the A28 amp and the CD17 player, maybe sell them?) And use the X3700H as the music and the AV amp. Am I mad?
I like the sound from the two Arcams very much but I really have no idea how the Denon would do as a replacement. Reviews suggest it is more than capable. But if I do that, maybe a cheaper AV amp would be just as acceptable?

I would then probable dump my CD collection as pretty well everything I have is available on Spotify etc. (So another question - has streaming improved in pure sound quality terms since the early days when it didn’t really match top quality CD sound?) How does it compare for sound quality nowadays?

I would need a good case to get past my financial advisor (Mrs Flamenco) so selling stuff might help with the cause.

Thank you again for your advice.


And use the X3700H as the music and the AV amp. Am I mad?
For serious music listening in stereo then I can concur. You're mad :) . I am not a fan of Denon's stereo music performance and use an integrated stereo amp that has HT by-pass and I have a higher tier Denon model in the X6500. I would not sell your Arcam amp until you have listened to the Denon's performance.


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Thanks! I thought as much - any AV amp is going to have have to go some to beat the Arcam on purely sonic grounds I would guess? The suggestion to listen to the Denon is a good one.

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