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Hi i've been reading this section for the past couple of weeks just wanted some advice.

I'm wanting a 1080p media player that is best for use with USB external drives to just move from PC to HDTV, am not bothered about network capability.

Read good things about the WDTV v2 and the Sumvisions on here, I see the PlayonHD mini is out soon too.

Which is the best quality user interface that supports most formats with the least bugs for use with USB?

Also any difference in picture quality?



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Get the Asus O!Play or WDTV v2.

The WDTV v2 has a better GUI than then the Realtek players - Cyclone, POHD Mini, O!Play are all the same hardware with the same base software though some like the O!Play are better supported through firmware updates than others. You could also wait till the POHD Mini comes out but its really the same chip as the others.

In terms of format support they are more or less on par. The WDTV doesn't have USB hub support I believe so if planning on using multiple USB hard drives connected to a USB hub that could be a sticking point, not 100% certain on that also dont know if the Realtek players are any better in this area.
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