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Best browser for display on a HDTV?


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Hi all,

I tried a quick search of the forums but couldn't find anything specifically addressing this. Forgive me if it has already been covered.

I just got myself a Revo 1600 running Windows 7. I have it permanently hooked up to my TV to use as a media device basically. My question is, does anyone know of the best web browser (or even plugin for a browser) to make viewing webpages more bearable at 1080p?

My browser of choice is Chrome, and this is what I'm using now, but I'm willing to switch. I could reduce the res down, but would rather use the TV at the res it was intended. I have increased Windows font DPI size, and got a good zoom and font default set for Chrome, but it's not quite perfect.

Big ask I know, just wondered if anyone has come across a better way to browse the web via Windows 7 on HDTVs.

Thanks in advance for any replies,

Kev :)


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Initial thoughts on Kylo - it's brilliant. The zoom feature works really well and doesn't cause weird display issues like with other browsers.


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Chrome. I use a keysonic keyboard / touchpad. The right side of the touchpad has a scroll function equivalent to a middle mouse button. Hold down control and scroll for zoom in and out.


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I'm getting on well with Kylo, it's good. Only problem with it is hardware rendering, in that it doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the ION chip in my Revo to render pages/video. I get a strobing effect on scrolling through pages. Can't see anything about this on the settings - they are quite basic.

Thanks for the recommendation.

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