Best brands of glass/chrome LCD stands



Looking to get a 3 glass shelf stand (probably chrome legs but open to others) around 100cm width to fit everything in/on. What kind of makes do people recommend?

Price range is up to about £200 but ideally between £100-£150.

Names I've noticed on Comet website for decent looking products are Kenmark and Alphason, are these quality?

Could anyone recommend some sites to check out for this sort of thing please?



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Alphason is a top make and probably the most popular.

Just search for that and you'll find loads on the net :smashin:


Yeah I've been looking a bit more, seems to be popular and have a wide range too.

Any other good brands?


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No doubt there are :smashin:
But it's the only brand I ever see, which is poor really, on my part :(

I just know if it's Alphason, it's fine :smashin:

Having said that, what's a bad make :confused:

It either does what it says or doesn't, IMO.
And I've never heard of a stand that's collapsed.

Just choose the one that suits your requirements, at the right price, IMO :smashin:

kevin glover

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Soundstyle are excellent and are aimed at hi-fi enthusiasts as there build quality and isolation are excellent. Usually around the 250-350 quid bracket though. I am about to list mine for sale as I have had a complete change around and upgrade in my home cinema room. I am based in Berkshire and will accept £95 collected, if interested let me know and OI can send some pics

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