Best Bookshelf Speakers for Inconvienent Spaces? Up High Elipson Planet L???


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Opinions, rants, experience? Best Speakers for inconvenient high spaces?

I am looking to make my bedroom a bit better as my partner is spending a lot time recovering there this year.

Primary Source: FLAC files, today through LMS Squeezebox Touch, with a pair of Tivoli Clock Radio speakers.

My kitchen has some Elipson Planet L's, powered by a NAD D3020v1 on top of a glasses cabinet.

They are pretty good very lively mids, perfect radial projection up down and side to to side, never run them -60 to -20 on the NAD, they do make the glasses rattle below 50Hz. The bass drops off very very fast, out of spec but for voice they are fantastic. I am always a bit disappointed with the lack of bass for Romantic Orchestral and Electronic. Fun for Jazz, classic Rock, Country, listening to Lyrics for Rap. They can be tuned to aim at any angle with the default stands and are only 300mm (1 foot) tall

Can I do better in a kind of $1-2k (Euro/Dollar) price point?

In my bedroom I would place them up-high almost at the ceiling on top of wardrobe and a bookshelf aimed downward. 90% FLAC via LMS, 10% Bluetooth from phone/tablet/laptop. Bedroom is not that big, inner city apartment.

KEF LS50 Meta, seems like I need a lot of power to drive them properly doesn't fit as well in the bookshelf for the AMP.
KEF LSX, could drop they squeeze player and render directly via Airplay or uPNP, but most desktop speakers have shallow downward reflection.
Neumann KH80 DSP explicitly say they lack vertical projection to make them work better on desks.

The sphere does seem to work pretty good at being stuck in weird corners and directed at a funny angle, and they are pretty efficient to drive even if they nominally 6 Ohm. But I always think I could get a little more base and bit more high note excitement.

NAD 375BEE driving Quadral Aurum 70 (very painful to drive need lots of transient power to come out clean) 2x6.5"
Yamaha V685 as pre-amp for the NAD and power-Amp for Quadral 300 mini as surrounds, and Argentum Center.
Primary Music Source: Logitech Squeezebox with FLAC LMS 90%, CD Playe NAD C542
Primary Video Source: Zotac Mini-PC running Kodi/LibreElec over HDMI (cannot really do 4k10bit, only my Xbox One X does that)
Video Renderer: Sony Bravia KD-65XG

All my rooms are awkward with reflections, I do use the Yamaha DSP for Theatre, but prefer it off for music.

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