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I'm caught between buying two books on smart homes, namely "Smart Homes for Dummies" and "Complete Construction: Home Automation and Wiring". Basically, I want to get some background knowledge on what is available, be in a position to make informed purchases and then look to install the goods on a DIY basis (with the help of this forum of course!).

Amazon do a deal on each book individually and for both.

Has anyone read both these books and can recommend one over the other or am I better off getting both? I'm based in London, so I'm hoping they are not too US-centric.


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I have both and cant really wholeheartadly recommend either. Of the two Complete Construction: Home Automation and Wiring goes into more depth and has a wider range of projects. But neither really give a good step by step guide to various apllications, etc.

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Dont want o get my wrists slapped my the moderators but I have not found any useful info on home automation, but we deal with all of it, if you fancy PM'ing me with more detail i can tru and help as much as possible



I've just sent both of these titles back to Amazon.
The reason for the return was purely because they are full of US terminology and virtually useless for anyone wanting to home automate in the UK.

In fact I bought several other titles relating to construction and renovation of old barns etc and of the 7 books I bought all bar one was very US orientated:mad:

Hope that saves you ordering them.

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