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i need a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, so i can connect it to my PC, and PS3. But what is the best Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse? which isn't too expensive, and looks good. (next to a PS3, and Samsung HDTV)

I know there's already a bes wireless keyboard/mouse thread, but i need bluetooth, not Standard Wireless. Also how would i switch between the two? would the keyboard switch on its own, or have a switch, or would i have to force the PC/PS3 to look for the keyboard/mouse and get its attention?



Jules Tohpipi

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I've used Logitech's Bluetooth MX keyboard and mouse for over 18 months, during which it has performed pretty much flawlessly. Both are very high quality items, designed more for serious use rather than being all nice and portable. I use the bluetooth keyboard/mouse with a Media Centre PC and a Pioneer plasma.

So on the plus side, they are excellent items which work 100% as intended. On the minus side the keyboard - in particular - is quite bulky, and the package is quite expensive.

Once the keyboard and mouse are paired to the PC (a simple procedure), then the PC will make the association automatically with both items each time it is powered up - no further user intervention required. The docking station for the rechargeable mouse also acts as the bluetooth dongle, allowing non-Logitech bluetooth components to connect to the PC also (if you have any). The keyboard takes four standard batteries (AA) from which I get around four months use.

I notice that Logitech have just updated the long-running Bluetooth MX with a new-fangled MX Laser version - which appears to have a few bells and whistles added.

I have no experience with Playstation, so can't comment on that




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I'm using the Logitech MX5000 keyboard which comes with the MX1000 (I think) Laser Mouse. They are bluetooth and work very well, even with gaming. It has a usb bluetooth Dongle that also as the previous reply mentioned allows other bluetooth devices to connect. Got mine for about £55 delivered of ebay about 6 months ago, but it was an american keyboard (No problem though, just have to remember the @ and " are the other way round). I would highly recommend it.


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