Best Blu-ray player on the market for £100 max.


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Looking for a good blu ray dvd player with a maximum budget of £100. Can anyone help?

I've heard that a few are quite noisy, something that I would obviously wish to avoid having.


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Any noise is relative, ie how far away you are from the player, the size/thickness of the unit it is kept in etc.

There are some choices here:

Blu Ray | DVD Player | Richer Sounds

Sony & Panasonic are some of the better makes. Do a search for people's experiences etc, some complain of noises, some do not. There is no guarantee that any particular unit will be bound to make a noise, it is the luck of the draw sometimes...


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Thanks guys. I have a Panasonic Smart VIERA TX-L37E30B (2D) so 3D would be out of the question - the last option you suggested wouldn't be an option therefore.

This tv I have has internet capablilites but you have to buy the dongle to connect to the internet. If a blu ray has internet built in, does that mean that I won't have to buy a dongle for the tv?


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If by last option you mean a 3D player then of course that's irrelevant - the 3D lies dormant with a 2D TV.

If you have multiple devices requiring netwrok access (even for firmware) then a router on your AV rack connected wirelessly or over the mains is prob cheaper than a single dongle and will handle more devices - something that ought to be more common but less profitable for manufacturers.


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I'm guessing the dongle is to connect wirelessly? It is the same with the DVD players. DVD players that have wireless connectivity built in seem to be around £150.
You can use a cable to connect the equipment to the internet though.

I've just a returned a Toshiba BDX1200 to Richer Sounds (£40). It really was noisy at startup, then intermittently through films, and very intrusive. Some discs were worse than others. And after the player had been to sleep then woken up the spinning noise was permanent, loud enough to drown out speech.

I got a Sony BDPS480 MR instead (£120). So much quieter mechanism, easier to setup and slightly better pictures, both in bluray and especially when playing standard DVDs. Very happy with it. If you can find the non-MR version, or the 380 (380 = 2D, 480 = 3D) you might get it within your budget.

I would have liked a Panasonic to match my TV, but my old DVD player used coaxial to connect to the surround sound AV, the Panasonics in this price range use optical - and that is in use by the set top box.


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I'm thinking of buying the Panasonic DMP-BDT110. It's seems a very good box and great value. I read one comment that said that it's very sensitive and doesn't take well to scratchy DVDs. Has anyone come across this?
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