Best blu-ray player for error correction of slightly scratched BDs?

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Despite the popular wisdom that BDs are less sensitive than DVDs to scratches and other surface marks, my experience with two players (a Sony BDP-S300 and now a brand new Panasonic DMP-BDT120) is very much the reverse.

My enthusiasm for blu-ray is severely undermined by the fact I now have three BDs (in a very small collection) which skip or freeze badly in the same places on both players, due apparently to tiny manufacturing scuffs and scratches that were on the discs when I bought them new. Having grown up with vinyl LPs, I'm obsessively careful with handling (and inspecting) discs myself but I find about 10% of even new and sealed discs have minor blemishes due to careless treatment at the factory stage. This was true of DVDs too but my players nearly always sailed through the scratches - and indeed these two BD players seem to cope well with DVDs that have similar or far worse marks.

[While there is of course the option of returning discs, this can be both difficult and costly with imported discs (depending on the seller) and often the return window has closed anyway by the time I view them.]

Given that this problem seems to be rarely reported, which players are people using that have good enough error correction to cope with these minor marks? I can't believe that blu-ray would have taken off - or there would be any rental or secondhand market - if this problem was as recurrent generally as it is with me.
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Maybe you change another player software instead of a hardware. Maybe you have no idea, you actually have some better choice like Mac Blu-ray Player released by Macgo. Most of my BDs are available on it even the latest. While you also need a external Blu-ray drive.


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Not sure that player exists; sadly a scratch is a scratch after all. Is it possible to review your suppliers? When I buy a new disc I always flick through it using chapter search but I have still been caught out as you need to watch the whole film to be sure. Often I don't have time to do this straight away...

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