Best Blu-ray discs quality wise?



What would you rank the five best BD discs with regards to picture quality?
It might be easier to list the some of the films or genre's that you are interested in, and people can comment on the AV quality from there.

The usual suspects that people like are (AV wise) - Tears Of The Sun, Kingdom Of Heaven, The Wild, The Transporter, Black Hawk Down, Monster House, SWAT, Eight Below and Underworld Evolution. By no way an exhaustive list, but some of the better ones.
I left out anything from Warner and Paramount, as they are similar/identical to their HD-DVD counterpart (visually at least) so all tend to be pretty good.
I have 41 blu-ray disc and my favs are.
tears of the sun
kingdom of heaven
fantastic 4
the wild
into the blue
8 below
on in order :thumbsup:
ones i have but havent watched but expect to be good are
black hawk down
ice age 2
devil wears prada (meant to be stunning)

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