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Best black levels projector <1000


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Hi everyone,

Been reading a lot of reviews lately but it's hard to pinpoint the best (available) projecter for contrastratio/black levels (will be used for movies) currently under 1000, and preferably with good returning service (incase I don't like it).

The Benq 2050s seems to be great (1500:1 actual contrastratio I think) but is hardly available anymore, unless for a premium price. There is the 2050st also, but the short throw lens makes the quality less than the 2050s.
The Epson 2150 also gets good reviews, but black levels are a lot less than DLP from what I understand (1000:1).
Those are all older models also, are they really not surpassed yet?

One I also liked for specs and reviews is the Viewsonic PX727 but black levels are average (800/900:1 I think, unless when using HDR, while most content is 1080p of course).

Anyone have suggestions/an opinion?
Greatly appreciated.



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Any second hand JVC projector will have the best black levels.

Under £1000 new, probably an Epson LCD PJ but honestly don't expect anything black level wise from a PJ priced £1000 or below new. I know it sounds crazy as £1000 is a lot of money but in the PJ world, its not.

I'd concentrate on resolution, tone mapping, sharpness, form factor, 3D performance, throw distance, vertical/horizontal lens shift and all those features as they're all going to trade blows with the black levels and there will only be a marginal victor.


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This is the way 😋 Crt


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Hi Greg9518c, you probably can get a 9" CRT model with an HDMI input card, etc at ~ >1000$ or £ these days, (I got my Sony G90 at around that price some years ago) but I do not think that obsolete, big, old heavy and steep learning curve to install/setup, etc. is the sort of projector J0an is looking for.

(By the way, if it is not in the source, it looks to me like the convergence of your 9518LC needs to properly heat up or get a small touch up from that strange looking picture...)

I do not know of any new sub 1000$/£ projectors with DLP or LCD models with good black level or on-off contrast, but I guess some used JVC models like the X500 might be something to consider if someone wants to sell one with a good lamp at that price.
CRT without a doubt, but nobody know how to setup one of those anymore so not a option, the JVC from X35 and forward would be my best bet, they can be found below 1000£ BENQ Epson and so on dont have black level, its called gray level, so the title might be wrong, what projector below 1000£ has the best gray level, thats likely the LCD like Epson. Black level projectors starts from the SONY 270ES, older SONY models are not even worth considering no matter the price.


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I actually meant <1000 dollars, was not aware this was a British forum :)
Also, black levels and contrastratio might be two independant things, not sure. Both are important of course but yes within my price range my question is aimed at relativity (the best within that price range..)
I did miss out on one thing, I want it to be somewhat portable too, for traveling ;)
Between the models mentioned, would anyone consider the PX727?


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