best black level and most colourful LCD ?


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what is it ?

looking at my (admitidley cheap) LCD 15" monitor at the moment and the screenshots from some 360 games have grey instead of black, playing unreal torunament is no where near as good as when i had my CRT monitor. Im affraid that a 80-90" LCD projector will be grey on black and the colours wont be as pronounced no matter how crisp the image in if theres no depth and deep black then its no good imo.

so should i go for a DLP projector ?


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Well a cheap 15 inch would be grey £369 19 inch samsung is superb the blacks extreamly deep and on a full black screen with the brightness pumped up there is hardly any backlight emited (greyish wash screen with some monitors) its down to LCD quality and how good it is at blocking light I guess you get what you pay for. Projectors im sure will never have true blacks because the image aint contained they have to travel prity far and overcome all abient light befor hitting the screen wich also reflects the image back and causes some light to glow into black areas..Ive had dlp and blacks was still grey on that but im totally toke back by my panny ax100 not the deepest blacks i admit but the colours are wonderull and the pictures are bright and chrisp! other than that if your that fussy get a large 50 inch sony plasma/lcd.

a cheap LCD monitor will not compare to a good LCD projector. I would say you have nothing to worry about at all, I play games on my panasonic ae700 and I have no trouble at all, bright crisp and loads of depth. Only a videophile would find any problem, which I am lol

Ok black isnt black but no digital display I have ever seen can produce black the best I have seen is my panasonic plasma.

I think what your worrying about isnt "black level" but shadow detail and contrast, which on your lcd monitor goes into a grey mist and all wishy washy, you will have no such problems on a good lcd projector most have very good shadow detail and contrast when compared to a cheap lcd monitor.
Just my experience.....

I had a Hitachi tx200 LCD and a Sanyo Z4 LCD projector and both produced excellent images but i was never happy with the black level on either to be honest. Grey fog on some darker fims although they were excellent in all other regards.

I then bought the sharp z200 dlp (on offer for >£500 - big thread on the forum) just to see and I still have it now a year later. The blacks are much better and the picture is so much more 3 dimensional and film like as a result. I was taken a back when i first got it at the extra depth and lustre produced by the better blacks , not to mention the detail in the darker scenes, especially if you have a light coloured room as I do. Dont get me wrong, I think the LCD's have their merits but as your question relates to black levels then I feel you need to see both in action.

I think you owe it to yourself to get a demo of both types and take some films with some murky scenes in to see what you prefer.

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