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Nuno Santos

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Didn't quite know which forum would be more adequate, but here it goes:

Which setup would you consider to be the best investment:

Option 1 : Panasonic plasma 42PW6+iScanHD+Z2/AE500

Option 2 : Panasonic plasma 42PW6+Sim2 Domino 20

Thank you for your inputs.


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Maybe you should do a poll!!! (but in the projector forum since it's essentially Domino20 Vs HD+Z2)

I don't think it's worth getting the HD + Z2 now even on the basis that you'll have a scaler for your next upgrade, DLPs will get cheaper etc etc or you may end up forever living for your next upgrade (admittidly good for us resellers!!) and never enjoying what you can have right now.

My 2p!


Well id take the opposite view to Liam. I owned the Z2 in combination with an sdi processor solution and then was able to compare directly to an nec ht1100 (not a million miles from the sim).Although the NEC is clearly a fantastic machine, it isnt worth having without the processor. In other words the picture from the Z2+ processor was somewhat superior to the HT1100 on its own. There is no question the NEC is the better machine, however, without the quality processing it just cant shine.

In addition to this of course you have a processor for your plasma, again something I would encourage everyone to have.

oh and another thing...... have you seen the SIM? The HT1100 bothers me with it's DLP characteristics and I have now arranged for a nice return deal. So make sure you can live with rainbows and dithering with DLP.


Nuno Santos

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Thank you for your views.

The poll would be nice! :D

The main perspective is based on the idea that I will enjoy my setup now, and not postpone purchasing a plasma/scaler or projector on a 'best is yet to come' philosophy. I find that either setup will make a good choice.

The iScan will, of course, be an upgrade picture wise to the plasma (specially because I own am interlaced DVD player -TAG- that will be keeping).

But, the Domino uses DCDi, so, will it be much different (worse)that a Z2 with an iScan??
Having the 'practical' side of things in mind, I must agree that, most of the time, it'll be the plasma that will be used and therefore, it might be wise to invest more on what you'll use more...

The rainbow issue is a concern and I'll be using a Domino for a weekend before I take the plunge. Any suggestions on features that exibit the most rainbows? I know I can see them (if I lookm for them) , but question is if they pop up too much during a movie...

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