Best bang for buck used projector under £500


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I’m looking for a cheap 2nd hand projector. Could anyone suggest some good models I might pick up on eBay for less than £500?


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Thanks for the pointer - much appreciated. I don't think my wife would like a unit permanently on the ceiling - are short throw units I can place temporarily on a table in front of the screen fairly common and obtainable second hand?
I am sure they are you would just have to look. Been out of the PJ game myself for a few years now so not too up to date in what's available, but would always check the classifieds here before looking elsewhere.



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Thanks, will do

Would anyone else know of any good short throw table models that are likely to pop up for just a few hundred quid?
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I'm looking to replace my Sony HW40es, as I need something smaller with H+V keystone. I'll be selling it and think it will be in that price range if you're interested. It's just had a brand new bulb put in too. I've sold 2 or 3 projectors here over the years.


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Optoma HD143X 1080p 3000 Lumens 3D DLP is the best projector for watching HD movies and your office presentations as well.

  • Bright 1080p Projection.
  • Stunning Picture Quality.
  • Extended Lamp Life.
  • Flexible Zoom & Throw Ratio.
This model provides a great contrast. Overall, this projector is great when it comes to performance. The plus point is that it's under your budget. You can grab this projector under 500 dollars.


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this price point is a bit low but its also sick cos it gives u tremendous value. a pj at this price with the right screen will give u an amazing more impactful experience than TVs 4x its price which is amazing.

HW40ES - best input lag, sony image processing is nice, nice all rounder
Panasonic AE6000 - cheap bulbs, small so great flexibility
JVC X30/X35 - best black levels + contrast

i definitely wouldn't buy new at this price point, better value 2nd hand in my opinion.

i think ebay is ok. ur covered by the ebay buyer protection. if u buy from here or ebay, sadly these are just old projectors so there time will come when they will have to go to the graveyard but the advantage with these PJs is that years ago, they sold for thousands so they're built to last and have decent build quality for what ur paying now.

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