Best AV Receiver + 5.1 System for £500...?


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What would be the best budget system for circa £500? This would include an AV receiver and 5.1 speaker set-up. There seem to be a few options around from the likes of Samsung, Yamaha, Pioneer, Sony etc. but being very new to the home cinema scene, I'm really not sure what is what. I'm well aware I'm not going to get the most amazing quality sound for this budget, but I'm no audiophile so I accept that fact. This would be for a dedicated room (garage conversion), and I will be using a 92" screen with ceiling mounted projector.

I don't know if I should be focusing on second hand over new, if that's going to provide something vastly superior. There is also the issue of warranty, although I'm not sure how much of a concern that really is with this kind of kit, and if it's robust enough for it to not be a concern. With second-hand though, I'm even more in the dark as to what I should be looking for.

Any advice would be much appreciated. :)


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Speakers are pretty hard wearing so I would be less worried about warranty on those. This can mean second hand is a great option and really gives you more for the limited money you have.
If looking at new then Richer Sounds is a great place to start. I would not get an all in one system from the likes of Samsung etc. but would look to get a separate AVR and speaker set instead. They offer better sound quality, better connectivity and easier/cheaper to upgrade/replace in the future.
A little over budget but the below would be a great place to start:
Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 Pack | 5.1 Speaker Package | Richer Sounds
DENON AVRX520BTBlack AV Receiver


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You're better off getting an AV receiver and just a pair of loudspeakers, with a view to adding a centre, rear speakers, and subwoofer later on. Spending your whole budget on a full 5.1 system is going to seriously limit what you'll be able to get - stagger out the purchases and you'll get a far better system in the long run.

And make sure you get to hear what you're buying too, otherwise you'll be wanting to upgrade pretty quickly if you're not happy with the overall sound.


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Q Acoustics or Wharfedale do great budget speakers. For that kind of money you could get the wharfdale DX1 SE package. This would leave money for a AV and would work ok. The budget is very limting as others have said and I not sure the subwoofer would be that rewarding.

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