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Best approach with satellites?


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I'm moving from some much loved B&W 602s / CC6 to something wall mountable with a sub. I've got a few in mind & wondered if people had compared any combination of these & what you thought as I've got limited time to decide and can't demo them all. And should I be considering anything I haven't listed?

Most likely option: The B&W M1s look nice but I haven't heard them yet. Paying 950 for a PV1 sub to go with them is going to sting a bit, but I'm told the AS2 isn't much cop? Is there a decent smallish sub I could pair up with these?

Other contenders: The Mordaunt Short Genies seem to get good reviews, not heard these either but they look the part in black and are easy to get hold of.

Tried listening to some M&Ks and wasn't overly impressed with the budget end and don't want to spend 3x£400 on satellites. The better range sounded nice and clear but looked very drab* and seemed to really rely on a huge sub to give them any sort of presence, but perhaps that will be inevitable with small speakers.


*can you tell this proposal needs to get past the wife?


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Definitive Technology Mythos range looks good, and sounds good, too. If you want to be really minimalist, the Solo combines left, centre and right in one cabinet.

Quad L-ites are excellent value, the only problem might be that the centre doesn't have a wall mount fixing.


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choddo2006 said:
*can you tell this proposal needs to get past the wife?

Would a 2.1 get past the missus? If so you could keep decent speakers, not have the clutter at the rear, and with a decent stereo amp instead of an AV amp, you might find that the sound becomes sort of three-dimensional anyway.

I (and many others on here) enjoy films in 2.0 or 2.1, and have much better musical reproduction as a result.

Just a thought!


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Monitor Audio Radius series?.....usually got a good WAF rating......come in various sizes to from small cubes to slender matchstick shape floorstanders.....good sound quality, good presence....altho go for a different sub from the MA's...their own subs aint much cop tbh...


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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look.

And GW43, I so rarely get a chance to sit down and just listen to music any more, it's all about the 90 minutes of light sabres, explosions and gunfire these days ;)

The Gooner

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I use REL Quake with the M1s, sounded better than the MT20 sub and cost half of the price of PV1 although not as good as PV1. there are plenty of subs you can go for rather the PV1 at cheaper price.

The M1s certainly are good and Im pleased I went for these

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