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scarlet poppy

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Hi again, can anyone tell me what's supposedly

the best settings on my Pioneer LX83 amp for

great sound for movies,music & TV.

It seems to use a lot of different Dolby, Neo &

THX settings, but the instruction booklet doesn't

explain each one clearly. I know a lot is down to

personal taste, but i'd imagine that one format

is supposed to be far more advanced than the

others. Also it states only use THX if your

speakers are compatible. I'm currently using

4 x KEF XQ5s with a XQ2c centre & a KEF

PSW3500 subwoofer and presume they're

compatible but dont know for sure.:facepalm: Any

advice please boys.:lease:


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I think it safe to say that the majority tend not to use DSP and when they do then it is in relation to stereo TV broadcasts. For stereo TV people usually use one of two options, either Dolby Pro Logic or DTS NEO:6. If you leave your receiver in any of these two modes then the amp will override them if it detects discrete surround formats such as Dolby Digital 5.1 which some HD TV content is encoded with.

Movies on Blu-ray and DVD or usually best left unadulterated and the discrete surround formats they are encoded with surpass any surround DSP modes. This type of content is best left alone and better heard in a straight mode without DSP.

I think music is the one that will be down to different tastes, but I'm not a fan of applying DSP to stereo music and tend to use pure direct with such content.
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Your speakers will be fine with the THX setting so you can give it a try and see if you prefer it over the Prologic or Neo setting.

scarlet poppy

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i'll certainly give the THX a try. If it's best to leave the blu ray sound to go straight through,
what actual setting would i use on my Pioneer
LX83 amp, as i find the quick start manual
pretty useless. Guess i'm geting middle aged
and fail to absorb info as i once did.
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