Best amp for Jamo D265 A


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Best amp for Jamo D265 A ?
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Hello all.

I am wondering what the best amp to get for my Jamo D265A speakers. They are the model with the horn tweeter and also have the older woofer cones with the larger inner coil.
These are in mint condition and haven't been driven hard as my dad owned these from new years back, downsized his gear to a compact hi-fi system.
The thing is, he was only using a 90watt Sanyo amp to power them and I want something a lot more powerful, to get the best out of these.

I have looked at some of the 140watt amps, but what would be the ideal wattage to put into these speakers? The rated continous is 180. Could you also please suggest some amplifiers and also prices would be nice.

Many thanks.

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