Best Amp for Jamo A102 HCS 5



What Amp is best for the Jamo A 102 HCS 5 speaker package? Looking at the jamo's for their size. There are for an apartment, so looking to keep the noise to acceptable levels.
If you think an all in one would be better, please suggest?


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I use and can recommend a Harman Kardon. The 335 or higher is all you will need:

It sounds great & has a selectable high-pass subwoofer filter which is very useful.

Some other advice: wall-mount the speakers, instead of the included speaker cable get some inexpensive 16 or 14AWG/2.5mm2 cable instead, and make sure you switch off the EQ on the amp after running the autosetup (the last couple of dealers I've been to didn't even realise this!). The sound should contend with any system that small at any price, let alone all-in-ones!


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Can we ask for a budget, so as to stop us suggesting something from Lexicon, Krell or Meridian.


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The actual Jamo amp DMR60 is a great bit of kit, digital amps and cracking sound quality.

I have one here running a complete surround sound set of thier E6 series speakers. Sound quality is amazing.

Highly recommended.

We sell them to the trade.


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I thought i'd bump this to save me from making a new thread. Can anyone reccomend a good amp for these around the 170 - 250 quid range.



hi, apologies for bumping on the thread as well. I just wanted to ask you guys if its okay to use my classic denon a/v receiver (circa 90's) with dolby 2.1 technology for the jamo a102 hcs5's. I intend to buy the speaker set soon but still don't have enough money to buy a new amp. would the old amp cause any problems? thanks!!

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