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Hi - excuse my ignorance on this question - I've been concentrating on displays for the last few years but am now thinking of getting a reasonably good gaming surround headphone setup that covers all my needs.
Here's a list of what I'm looking for. I don't know if such headphones/headphone setup exists, but if they don't I'd be interested to hear what the closest alternative options are.

1 : They'll only be used for gaming and would ideally be compatible with all my surround-capable consoles from the N64 to PS4 - so would need to do pro logic, prologic 2 etc. as well as Dolby digital - PS4 etc.

2: Ideally, they'd be open headphones (so I can still hear what the kids are up to).

3: Ideally they'd be an all-in one headphone unit but if not I'd be interested to hear my alternatives - I guess that would be to use normal headphones with an external processor of some sort?

4: I'd like to keep the cost under £100, or if not close to that.

5: From what I've read, I wouldn't want headphones with multiple speakers/drivers, just one driver per ear using the "dolby headphones" processing or similar. Is this right?

6: Not a necessity but if it could be used as a gaming headset (i.e. has a microphone), that would be a bonus.

Cheers - any help would be really appreciated...
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I guess at that price point you are probably looking at a Turtle Beach type headset. You can go to their website and set an upper price and see what appeals. Personally I find their ear cups too shallow but that is down to your lugholes. If you can stretch then either get an Astro Mixamp and use whatever headphones you have or thrown the boat out and get the A40s and Mixamp. I doubt you will get a set up then that can work a greater variety of equipment.

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