Best all-in-one PC solution for portability


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As above, I'm looking for a decent all in one PC or thereabouts - basically, I have to give presentations to around 6 people and need a 22" screen and computer. Since this needs to be portable for on the train etc, I reckon an all in one is my best bet though I would consider a separate monitor and super small pc. Quick setup and one power adaptor and hardly any cables would be a huge bonus though.

So far I have seen the viewsonic vpc100 - Viewsonic » VPC100 All-in-One

I think 18.5" might be a bit small, however.

The best so far is the HP Touchsmart series - HP's TouchSmart PC featuring touch screen technology

These are a bit pricey, however and I don't really need the touchscreen functionality.

Would I be better off buying a £200 TFT and getting a small pc, or even a big 20" laptop?

Spec isn't too important and budget is upto £1000

I'd also need a bag for it to be carried around.

I considered a budget imac and then a case from ilugger - 15 Inch LCD Monitor Cases to 30 Inch LCD Monitor Cases from

I wouldn't really use it all that much though and would prefer PC than Mac.

Also, are there other cases available with wheels on etc? I don't really want something suitcase sized, ideally a portfolio wallet sort of thing with wheels so it's slim and can tuck in next to me on the train by my feet etc.

Any advice appreciated.


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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll bear it in mind. My company might not go for it though being a refurb and we generally order 99% of the time from dabs as we have an account with them.

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