Best all-in-one for 400-600 GBP



Hi guys,

I wondered if you guys and gals could give me some advice.
I have a Panasonic 32" PX-3 TV and I want to add surround sound speakers to it to use with my XBOX & Sky Satellite Receiver to give Dolby Digital to both.
I currently use a RGB scart switcher for these two devices so that I get the RGB signal on both to my one RGB scart socket on the TV.
I am thinking about buying the Pioneer DV99 or possibly the DV990. It is important also for me that the speakers can all be wall mounted.
SACD and DVD-Audio are not that important for me, just the sound/picture quality is the main thing.
The retailer also needs to ship to Europe for a reasonable price as I now live in the south of France.

I don't mind what make I buy and the overall loudness is not an issue, it is the sound quality which is the clincher.

Thanks for all your help in advance,

AChappers. ;)


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Jamo DVR 50 + 305 speakers - OR for a little more get the 325 speakers - all wall mountable (including sub) - speakers can be angled when fitted and the system sounds like a dream.

I got mine for £579 - (325 speakers)!


I am also thinking about getting seperates + speakers instead as I already have a Sony DVD player and could pass everything through one amp.
Does anyone know if the sound quality would be better if my system was say a Pioneer C301 + Tannoy FX 5.1 instead of say the Jamo or Pioneer DV99/990 systems?




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Where did you get the Jamo with the 325 speakers for that price?


Jamo DVR50 + 305 speakers £480 from

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