Best Alexa Setup for LG CX OLED


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I have 4 Alexa devices in my family room / kitchen area.
1. Alexa in my LG CX Oled (disabled)
2. Alexa in my Sonos arc (disabled)
3. Alex in my Brilliant smart home console (disabled)
4. I just got a new Echo Show in my kitchen (enabled)

The Brilliant Alexa interface is actually pretty good- but not the most useful. So I turned that off.
The LG TV Alexa, if I remember correctly, was pretty good at controlling the TV. But I switched it off - if I recall it's because it was only active when the TV was turned on.
I used the Sonos Alexa integration for a while. It is also pretty good but had an annoying flaw that the Alexa volume was based on the TV volume. Usually this meant it was too low to hear. Other times, it would scare the neighbors. I think Sonos could at least switch inputs on the TV for me, but not 100% sure on that.
Now I've got a new Amazon Echo 10, so I've disabled Alexa on the Sonos.

I've got 4 separate "TV" devices configured on my Alexa app. The one that seems to be able to control the TV is connected through Sonos. But it can only turn the TV on and off. I've also got a "TV" that is "connected through LGE" and another "TV" that is "connected through WebOS TV manufacturer". If also got an "Amazon Fire TV" that I'm not sure if it's seeing the Alexa software in the TV, or if it's an old Fire TV stick I had many years ago. The only one that seems to do anything is the Sonos-connected device.

There doesn't seem to be a "just right" setup, at least that I've found. Ideally I'd be able to do basic TV things without the remote, and be able to use my Echo in the kitchen (close by so it hears everything from the family room too).

As for inputs: for a long time I used only the built-in WebOS for everything. But there were a few frustrations with that so now I do everything through an Apple TV 4K on an HDMI port. I've also got a PS5 on HDMI.

If it helps, I've also got a SmartThings hub that I'm not using for much of anything.

Anybody have a good setup to recommend?

This is one of about a dozen frustrations I'm having with smart home stuff. One at a time.


i think you already found the best Alexa setup - disabled on all devices :)

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