Best A/V receiver? -less than £700??


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Well as above really??!!
Any thoughts -seen the new Sony gets good reviews and is less than £400, and have so far had the new Denon -cant remember range -recommended.

would appreciate any views


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i got the Denon 2307 and finally got it set up after a house move and i have to say the results are fantastic - the detail in the sound is awesome :D

Bearing in mind i only have a all in one to compare to though!

I bought it from Creative Audio and was originally going for a 1907 but talking to one of the guys there the 2307 seemed to be worth the better option. I tested it against an Onkyo 674.

The interesting thing was that the guy said he didn't really know what denon were doing as the the 2307 didn't really fit the range as it was basically the same as the 2807.

Hope this helps


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GarethG, speak sense please :lesson: ...

It seems like your question isn't very specific(ish), perhaps you could also mention your requirements etc...

The following are all decent AV Amp/Receviers, depending on how much you are willing to spend, for what technology etc... For that reason, none can be called best. It really depends on best for 'what'?

Cambridge Azur 540R v.2
Denon AVR-1907
Denon AVR-2307
Denon AVR-2807
Marantz SR7500
Onkyo TX-SR804E
Pioneer VSX-2014i
Pioneer VSX-2016
Pioneer VSX-AX2AV
Sony STR-DA1200ES
Sony STR-D3200ES
Yamaha RX-V1600
Yamaha RX-V757 A bargain if you can find one:smashin: .

But, whats it all about eh?


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If you don't need HDMI switching or one or two of the other recent technological features I would definately go over to the classifieds and go after the Denon AVC-A1SR (rrp £3000 3 or so years ago). I think the initial asking price is £900 but I would be surprised if it went for more than £700.

I recently picked up a similar ex-flagship integrated amp and the performance is on a completely different level to for example the current Denon 3806 (rrp £1000) I listened to recently :thumbsup:


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indeed i have a DSP-A1 for basic DTS,DD and analgoue CD using internal DAC and its mint payed £400 :thumbsup:


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Thank you for your comments (including Micera??!!)

The receiver will be used predominately for TV and DVD, less so music (10%?).

I would be happy to pay nearer the £300 level that I see the Sony is available for, but if an extra £200-400 would make huge difference I would consider it.

I see What HiFi put the Sony as the best up to £750! is it??

I am really after sound rather than gadgets/switching etc


lone ranger

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have to say thats the first time i looked at the sony5200 and at £695 looks a real steal to me.think that could be my baby 2 now.


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If it is a decent sound you are after, (although for only 10% music?), then look around for a 2nd hand Yamaha RX-V1600...

Sweet sounds, also does have enough gadetry whether you want it or not :smashin: . With people upgrading around chrimbo, you should be able to get this within your budget no probs. Good luck.


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I emailed stone audio about the 5200 a few days ago and was told they wont have it in stock til the end of Jan but you can pre-order it just now.

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