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Oct 1, 2020
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Hello All - I am looking to buy a 75+ inch TV and there are so many choices and price points and I am throughly confused. I really like KD77AG9 especially after its price dropped to £3,999 (I saw it at £4,799 so a bonus). I am looking for excellent picture quality, slim design (will go the wall) .... I will be mainly using the TV to watch Netflix. Amazon Prime and gaming (but not too much gaming - i.e. no super game nerds in the family).

Currently I am taking the classic approach 'most expensive must be the best wine'. So would ove to know about some other brands / models that I should consider.

It is so hard to go to a showroom to compare TVs as they all show different things and individually look great so hard to understand what you are paying the extra money for when TVs of same size are available for 1/3rd the price. The sales people especially at Curry's are useless.
I can't really help with the design aspect since I really pay no attention to it when researching TVs myself. In my opinion they all look slim now, and they all fit close enough to the wall with a suitable mount.

If you have a special need to use a flush mount, that restricts your options quite a bit, which really isn't something you want to do when you already quite restricted shopping for a TV at larger sizes.

As for recommendations, the most important decision to make is which display technology is most suited to your conditions, and which you like the sound of. At larger sizes there's a larger disparity in the price of an OLED compared to an LCD TV, so its more important that you know where your cash is going if you do decide to pay the premium and go OLED.
As for the AG9 itself, its a very nice TV and a 2019 model too which is why its discounted. Whether its worth it compared to 75" LCD TVs I'm not so sure, its a big premium.

Part of the selling point to the AG9 is that it has their leading Acoustic Surface tech. The AG9 is a great TV if you are planning to use the built in audio. In other respects its not really that much better than other lower tier OLEDs. But again, kind of a pointless argument when availability is so restricted, and prices on new 2020 models like the new CX are currently high.

If you do settle on OLED, and you don't value built in sound, it may be a better idea to swoop for the new LG CX when the price comes down. Its already cheaper than the C9 was this time last year, so I'm sure at some point it will also be 4k. Generally LGs are better overall TVs than Sony, Sony have the edge with motion still (and the AG9 has great sound built in), but LG models come with better Dolby Vision HDR support built in, superior smart TV and they come with 4x HDMI 2.1 ports instead of HDMI 2.0 which makes them better suited for gaming, and for future proofing connectivity.

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