Best 65" TV for durability and non reflective screen viewing

Dwight Chizen

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For most users, the 65" size is the new "just right" TV that fits well into home decor. Good for fitting onto most walls where you have windows and art to consider, quite satisfactory in normal conversation furniture set ups, and real great to get a bit closer to for that immersed media feel.

But what of the durability? My 3 month old Samsung TU7000 blew out two of 5 strips of LED backlights which were impossible to repair and likely if I had been able to use my warrantee as I took it out of the US to our winter home, Samsung probably would have given us a new TV since they do not sell any parts to do a repair. I did finally buy used backlight LED strips from an online outfit that canabalizes failed TVs, likely for such a new model to be Samsung Warrantee Rejects. Not what I think you want for your TV experience! Once parts were in then the shop with too small a bench cracked the very fragile, ultra thin glass screen that the pixel display is bonded to! All because of a lack of fuses for protecting fragile LED bulbs from excess power surge current that was not enough to even flip a breaker or harm any other TV or electronics in the house. I blame a power surge, but in memory, the TV showed temporary black outs (everything works but the backlights), then a few random test screens of coloured bars popping on, finally the backlights cannot be rebooted. How about a fuse, a rectifier circuit that would save the LEDs? So the TU7000 is just not well designed for daily living durability.

The TU7000 had serious reflection issues where for morning or afternoon watching in a curtain less large room, well it was just impossible to see. Sure you can move the furniture around to find a shadow to watch in, but is that what the latest designs are all about, useful in only dark rooms with no outside light. It used to be that the screens were soft with antiglare features, but now are all the manufacturers into this shiny thin glass screen that is a through back to "use only in the dead of night Plasma TVs. Surely there must be a model that is good for daytime watching?

Unfortunately for me I bought the TV without being able to view it in the store. Not that in store viewing is a reasonable comparison to the conditions of your home, but most outlets will let you return your purchase once you find out that it is non watchable in your less than ideal showroom conditions.

But what are the better options? Now that I have a lot of spare parts with my dead display screen, I read that the TCL (a brand that used to be just more affordable, not prime) top of the line, about the same cost as the TU7000, is a better product. Sony gets no different remarks from reviews sounding like another version of the Samsung. So what to do? Buy another Samsung because I now have repair parts or take a chance on a new marque with even less availability of new or used parts!

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