Best 65" IPS or VA for £600 - £800


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Hello All

Have read a lot of forum posts but still struggling to find what I looking for. Just moved house so looking for a bigger TV.
Don't want to spend OLED budget so am looking for something that is £600 - £800 (TV expectations are inline with this).

Use: General purpose TV
- FreeSat / TV / Netflix / iPlayer
- Movies (Not blueray)
- No gaming really (odd game of Mario Kart once in a while)
- Use the Menu / OS of the TV quite a bit so don't want anything too slow
- Must be 65"

Location: (see pics)
Lounge - The viewing angles will be fairly narrow and am toying with mounting on the wall / Buying a new much larger stand.
Fairly bright mulit-purpose room


Sounds like a VA panel would be better for this location?? Annoying that LG don't seem to make them.

Make / Menu
Am a little bias to LG as always have been good for me in the past and I like the menu features. Find my current TV can be a bit laggy so reading reviews of Sony / Samsung menu's / OS is preventing me from leaning towards them. Seems like if I want a modern OS/Menu at this price I have to have a IPS Panel.

Will be buying a sound bar at a later date.

Happy to be corrected on any of the above, Just need a good allrounder for under £800. Don't really want to pay 800 for something almost the same features as the £650. Is 50hz vs 100hz a deal breaker, should I be focusing on VA rather then IPS,

a few I have looked at but open to ideas...

LG 65UM7660PLA - £649 -Seems pretty cheap, build quality worries me. Panel Frequency is only 50Hz, Is this a problem?

LG 65SM8600PLA - £800 Has True motion and 100 Hz, very similar to above but quite a lot more expensive.

Sony BRAVIA KD65XG8505BU - £800 -
Good reviews for the picture but has lots of bad reviews for the OS/Menu

Thanks in Advance for any help :)


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You can go with LG but you have to accept the downfalls and pros of IPS type panels. If you aren't critically watching in the dark it won't make much of a difference which panel type you go for.

What TV are you currently using and aside from the smart TV, what do you like or dislike about the TV?

Also, how much of your viewing is going to be in the dark, or in the evening in pitch black or a dim room compared to bright conditions such as during the day or with bright lights on at night?

Smart TV on Samsung TVs is a lot better than it used to be. LGs OS is still best but Samsung aren't far behind. Its certainly rarer to get slower smart TV nowadays than it used to be.


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my LG 65UM7660PLA comes tomorrow and I view with my lights on most the time.

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