Best 65 inch TV - max £1000


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Looking for recommendations on a 65 inch TV with a max £1000 budget.

Viewing wise we sit straight on about 2.5 meters away. Watch 50% HD, 30% PS4 (ps5 when comes out) and 20% sd/dvd.

Thoughts please?


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Cheers @Dodgexander

Do any of these support HDMI 2.1? Don't know how big a deal this would be though as I can't see next gen consoles giving 4k at 120hz? Also, the lack of Dolby Vision important?


Nope, neither support 2.1. The Samsung is the closest supporting ALLM and VRR but VRR is only up to 60hz and it does so by modifying its HDMI v2.0 ports rather than using proper 2.1 ones.

The Sony supports Dolby Vision and the Samsung doesn't. The Sony may have a small edge because of this with Dolby Vision titles.

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