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Guys, any tips on buying a non smart 55" screen budget below £750. Happily using the Roku Express for TV and Spotify. So need an optical output to the hifi system from TV. Seems that Samsung are the better VFM but all I can see is Smart TVs and want best screen performance without smart apps glitching on TV. 3 HDMIs would be nice. Will be replacing a Sony Bravia KDL-40W4000 which is starting to flicker. Or are we best looking at OLED at £1000?

Any advice appreciated (even if suggesting a smart 55")


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All TV operating systems these days include the ability to install third party applications (the 'smart' bit), aside from a few legacy OSs used on budget models with old hardware.


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LG CX just a tiny bit over for the 55. its not that smart.


Be careful ruling a feature out if it might, as in this case, lead you to potentially spending more and receiving less if it inadvertently leads to compromises elsewhere. Better just to not use said feature which, in the case of 'smart' features (I assume by that you mean apps?), ought to be easily done on any TV I would expect.

Incidentally, what is your budget? Your opening line says £750 but then the closing one opens the idea to potentially spending £1000? Ideally you need to pin down other aspects of importance to you, including the pros and cons of LCD vs OLED, which will rapidly narrow down what can at first glance be a bewildering choice.

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