best ~55" LED tv on picture quality Alone?


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budget - £1800 (though if theres no actual difference in the picture quality/screen between a tv costing 1100 and a tv costing 1800, and the difference is just due to features i dont need, i'll obviously go for the cheaper option!)

after the best 50-55" tv, on picture quality alone:

- purely for movies
- dont care about 'smart tv' and all the other pointless stuff (usb slots, wifi etc...etc...dont need any of it)
- all i care about is the picture quality
- not considering plasma due to the burn-in/image retention issues, especially as most films i watch are 2.35:1 (unless the latest ones dont suffer from this problem anymore?)
- not fussed about 3d
- dont care about audio or design - think i've put the emphasis clearly on picture quality alone!
- must be LED - FULL ARRAY BACKLIT with local dimming (makes the search very hard....)

any recommendations? because of my insistence on full array backlit - im hoping to stumble across 2010 range tv's that are going cheap. I'd rather have a 2010 full array than a 2011 edge lit...
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Have you considered plasma - Definitely look at the Panasonic 55VT30? Review http://www.avforums.com/review/Pana...30-50VT30-55VT30-65VT30-3D-Plasma-Review.html This is about the best review I have seen this year (otherwise look for a second hand Kuro in the classifieds)

The top end Sonys seem to have a good rep

Not sure if there are any full array TVs this year?

Is the HX823? Buy Sony KDL55HX823 55'' Full HD 3D LED TV with Option to Buy Bundle Offers online, £1,349.00 Television-Blu-Ray-DVD-Televisions-3D-Televisions - Hi-Spek


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WELL AFTER a bunch of research it seems the Full array tv's are rare, and very expensive. On top of that, and rather annoyingly, the manufacturers dont call the tech 'full array' , they all seem to have their own names for it.
Philips have 1 tv that has full array, in the 9000 series, called 'led pro' or something.
Sony have 1 tv with it, they call it 'INTELLIGENT PEAK'
LG have 1 - they call it 'nano led'
LG had 2 from their 2010 range - which doesn't seem to be sold anywhere now, in 2010 they called full array 'full led'
samsung dont do any full array, its all edge lit - the 8000 series is the only one with local dimming on top of the edge lighting.
toshiba has 1 as well i think thats full array.

the full array tv's are all above 2k.....
oh well. guess i'll have to go check out the samsung 6000/7000 series tv's in the shop, and see if its worth it over what i currently have (an LH473000 LG)


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Burn is extreamly rare now, if you mix film viewing with a bit of TV and use the pixel orbiting tech I cant see you having a problem. Panasonic GT30/VT30 or Samsung D6900/D8000 are the best sets this year IMO, Panasonics have deeper blacks, Samsungs can go brighter, Panasonics are also slightly less prone to IR and have better out the box colours. Samsungs get great results after calibration.

Id have a bit of IR you likely wont notice than have the issues edge lit LEDs have. Love watching films on my GT30 its stunning.
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