Best 50 inch TV between £500-£1000 ... new house on a hand me down TV!


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Oct 12, 2010
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Hey everyone, thanks for looking! I need to get a new TV, I've moved into my first house with my girlfriend and currently have a small hand me down tv!

50 inch seems to be about the right size for our living room. Our list of things to buy/renovate on the house is massive so it's kind of restricting how much I should spend on a TV. At the same time, I don't want to buy something a bit rubbish! This TV will only be used to Netflix,amazon prime streaming etc and TV! No video games etc.

I've been looking here on the 46-54 inch tv section on Currys - I'm just getting a little confused because all the specs seem so similar! One thing I see on the more expensive TVs (I realise Samsung is excluded here) is dolby vision. How important is this? If not used to 10 year old TVs, will I miss it?

Here are some I've been looking at - as you can see, quite a price spread! I'd spend up to £1000 if it will really be worth it but I'd love to be recommended something for £500-£600 that will do the job well!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I also doesn't have to be 50 inch, like i linked the 48 inch LG! But no smaller than 48! And no bigger than 50!

Many thanks,

Sony 49XH9505. Great for HDR material.
Don’t buy from Currys. Appliances Direct have for sub £800, can ask Richer Sounds to price beat
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the LG OLED one but I think the above sony will be better for HDR.
48” LG CX Oled still available
Don't go for newly released, overpriced 2021 models. Look at picking up a 2020 model at a discount instead to get more TV for your money.

You can't really get away with spending 500-600 on a TV nowadays, you won't get something very future proof, or something this is adequate for modern streaming.

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