Best 5.1 system (inc sub) for £150 or below?

Bernie Steak

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Is it even possible to get a "good" speaker system for £150?! I've seen the Canton CD1 (01) and the Tannoy EFX and both can be had for about £100 more, but I'm wondering if there's anything "half decent" for £150 or less, maybe 2nd hand or older models?

Thanks in advance!


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dont know how this sounds compared to other more expensive speakers but i have the yamaha ns-p110 speakers and i find them good for the money rigged up to a yamaha amp
i think theyre good but im upgrading to a 7.1 seatup, keeping the yamahas and getting either mission 733i's or Bose 501's for the fronts. So thats all i can say- theyre good for DVD's but scrappy for music.

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