Best 5.1 speakers for around £1000


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Aug 14, 2002
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Simple questions really, want to know what would be the best for my money.

currently have Kef Eggs, and will be selling to make space for the new system. I would like to have floor standers at the front but im not to fussed about the rear of the room.

Any recomendations ?
If you have the space, I'd go with identical floor-standers all round and a decent sub to complement. With that budget, my first port of call would be the Monitor Audio RS6, probably.
would the RS6 work as good as a dedicated surround back speaker like say the RSFX ?
IMHO you would be wasting your money for floor standers all round unless your going to be playing a LOT of multichannel music. Movies would hardly use the rears enough to justify the money or space.

I would have a look at the AE evo series but buy seperatly and get a better sub like the BK Monolith or the SVS pb10. Leaves you arround £600 for the rest of them. The front pair and centre will be about £400 leaving you £200 ish to get 2 or more speakers for the rest like the Evo compacts or Wharfedale Daimond 9sr or Mission m3dsi if you want bipolars.
Hi Peve3,
Would you consider buying second hand?
I an not offering anything myself but if you don't care about them being brand new you can get yourself a very very usefull 5.1 setup for a grand.
I bought my 5 M&K S85's for about a grand and you can do a lot worse than that for the money.
Why not post a wanted ad in the classifieds and see what comes up? It's not like you have to buy anything but it will give you an idea of what can be had when others get that burning itch in their pocket called upgradeitus :rotfl: :rotfl:
Just a thought anyway, good luck with whatever you buy.
My advice would be...

Make a carefull match with the amp and source...

Get 4 good bookshelf speakers + center + a good sub.


MA Bronze 2 +1
Quad 11L
AE Elite 1
Kef iQ Series
Focal Chorus S

Rel or MJ Acoustics Sub


Castle compact system
Well my Amp is a Pioneer D2011


I have not been keeping track of the Amp scene since I picked this up around 2 years ago. I imagine it can still hold its own against the latest Amps, Hence why i have not focused a amp into my upgrade consensus.

Any thoughts on my logic would be grateful.

As mentioned by John wilks, I will properly go down the second hand route as I get more bang for my buck (pound).

Going to go look into all the recomended options given above.

My advice - if home cinema is your main concern go with some M&K's but for me the Monitor Audio Radius set up with R270 floorstanders at the front is amazing (especially with my Arcam AVR250 and Rel Quake). You can also choose your colour and mix/match speakers.

If you want pure style then do look at he Orb Audio stuff as I couldn't beleive how good they were when I bought them (wipe the floor with KEF eggs and Anthony Gallo A'Diva IMHO and cost less than the eggs imported).
Try the QUAD L or MA RS

Or MA Silver at bargain prices!

And don't forget the new Kef iQ Series

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