Best 4K projection setup under €4,000/$4800?


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Heya all,

Since I have my own place now, it would be amazing for me to have a (casual) home cinema setup.

First off, I don't have a dedicated cinema room; however, the light in the living room can be blocked almost entirely with thick black curtains in front of the windows. The projector will also be a substitute for the TV (as I barely watch TV and almost only movies at night anyways). Now, I'd like to know what's the best screen + projector setup for under €4,000/$4800 (note: I'm from Europe).

Couple of points/questions:

  • Distance of screen to projector = 4.70m (15.4 ft)
  • 110/120'' screen, 16:9 ratio
  • Motorized floor rising screen is highly preferred
  • 3D would be a nice bonus
  • Can I put the projector on a 1.80m high wall cabinet (instead of mounting to ceiling?)
  • Is an ALR significantly better for long throw projectors?
  • What is better, a €2k screen + €2k projector, or a €0.5k screen + €3.5k projector?

Now that I'm writing this post, what would be the best (3.1 or 5.1) sound system under €1,000/$1,200? Initially, I was looking for convenience (bluetooth speakers or something similar) as to not have the hassle with cables and such; however, I have accepted it if it can't be helped. As the projector setup is in the living room, the speakers don't have to stand out that much visually. Also, sound quality over sound quantity (as I do have neighbors). :p

Thank you in advance!

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