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Ok. So I bought the KU6000 and I hate it !!! Colors are washed out, they dont pop out at all, blacks are awful with lots of patches from the led lighting, the sides are grey-to-white tint and compared to my former plasma tv or the Oled that I tested, it's just HORRIBLE !!!

I realized one thing though, from OLED and Plasma, I can't ever go back to an LCD . . . I just can't !!! Call me picky call me a perfectionist is just that, Oled blew me away with the picture quality and I have decided to go for one...

Now, CES has announced the new 2017 OLED models which include the B7,C7,E7,G7 and the most expensive one W7(wallpaper like)

I thought it through and I am gonna wait for B7 to be released( in the first week of April as LG manager stated at CES) and see the tests and the reviews...I'll probably wont afford one in April as its is estimated to be round 3000$(Euros, Pounds) price range, so I will most likely have to wait until the next black friday for the prices to come down. It is a long time, but hell, if it's worth it...I'll wait for it.

I really hope that they fixed the near-black and near-gray uniformity problems and specially THE PIXEL...I read some more bout Oled TV's and seen a lot of people complaining like myself, bout dead pixels on all Oled panels they owned . . .

SO LG, PLEASE FIX THIS, PLEASE FIX THE DEAD PIXEL PROBLEM( Had two Oled displays returned cause of this issues) , which for me, for a premium TV and for that price range, it's a real turn-off...

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Ah thats a shame! it seems like you do have high standards when it comes to tv's ;) It could also relate to how close you sit (most people sit too far away to even notice UHD).

Interesting you mention about the dead pixels with OLEDs, can't say i've heard of it before being a known issue.

I do know of the near to black problem and that does make it seem like there are pixels changing luminescence/blocky pixel artefacts and that is far more apparent on the 2014 or 2015 tv's vs the 2016 ones.

There are plenty of people on here happy with the LG 910v OLED so why not go for one of those again if you can't wait? Otherwise there isn't anything wrong with the B6, since its been reduced its great value.

With the new TVs if you can wait though you are obviously going to get the best PQ, however be aware that they are probably going to be released in March onwards and it takes time for reviews to surface before we see how well they score. Also be aware the introductory price is going to be more than the current equivalent. For example the B6 was around £750 more when it was released compared to now.

On the other hand there will be lots more competition including OLEDs from Sony. So I think 2017 is going to be a good year.


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Well as usual, you are right with one tiny detail. The dead pixel issue !!! Funny enough, the thread is on this forum :)))))

HERE: Do OLED's suffer from dead pixels more?
Look at this guy, he returned 5 displays cause of this issue:

My experience has been with the eg910. I've exchanged 3 sets and two added panels mounted by LG service, so a grand total of five panels; all of them had dead pixels. Furthermore, I examined all Oleds to be seen in the shop where I bought it, including an eg960, two eg920, two ef950 and another eg910; all of them had dead pixels.
I'm done with Oled for now.

It is a BIG problem as the company's policy is 18 DEAD subpixels on the 4K version and 8 on the 1080p. So they wont replace your TV unless you have that...Had two Oled's returned for that (One 910V - had a nasty big blocked pixel on red right in the middle and one B6 - had 2 blocked pixels on red and green). I googled it few days ago and saw your thread, with a lot of people complaining bout this issue !

Yes, I am a PQ freak and I do believe that Oleds really shine in terms of PQ and they blew me away.... But bare in mind that the 910V, thou u say lot of people are happy with it, for me, it's a big fail !!! You can really spot the pixels shifting and artefacts and lots of issues that make the tv obsolete . . .

So now on to the B6,B7. I will state some of the differences I found posted on Cnet between the two:

"Compared with the B6, here are the improvements offered by the B7 models:

* 25% brighter in highlights
* 2% better coverage of DCI/P3 color (from 97% to 99%)
* Compatible with Technicolor and HLG HDR formats
* "Active HDR" mode
* Technicolor picture mode
* Dolby Atmos sound
* Input lag has been lowered to 21ms even in [HDR Game] mode !!! "

Full article here - Should I buy an OLED TV now or wait for 2017 models?

So should I wait until next Christmas,which by the way is a looong time, or should I get the B6 now???

Let me in on what you guys think. ☺

P.S- Keep in mind I am still very scared that the dead pixel problem will occur more on the 2016 models...
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I think you should perhaps ask in the owners thread. You don't really get an accurate view when you are reading a thread online where everyone has come together to report the same problem. For instance you could be within the bottom 1% of people with the fault, yet online it appears like every TV has the issue.

If you ask in the owners thread where people aren't necessarily reporting this fault you get a more balanced view. Even then you have to remember you are still on an internet forum with people usually more inclined to report such errors rather than just to come online and say how happy they are with their new purchase. It is all relative and as I have said, there are many people more than happy with their purchase of OLEDs. If it was a known fault there would be nothing short of an uproar.

Of course I understand your own personal experience and that of others you have seen says otherwise, but it is possible to be unlucky. Perhaps you can find a retailer that is willing to let you demo your TV before you buy it and take it home to check first?

As for the 2017 OLEDs of course it is worth waiting, its a no brainer to me. But all in all you just don't know when the best time will be, perhaps you wait until they become cheap only to find the 2018 OLEDs are even better again. I wouldn't blame you for wanting to buy now and usually you get the best deal when buying a TV from the year before just as the new range are being released. Last year I remember the 950v selling for £1300 after the E6 came out so I wouldn't be surprised to see the LG B6 reduced even more when the new TV's are released


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Well maybe I am overreacting cause I had to return 2 Oled's with the stuck pixel issue. Maybe u are right and I was unlucky. In any case, I believe that there is a bigger chance to get faulty panels with 2016 models rather then with 2017 ones, cause as time passes they will have less and less issues, it is called evolution I read an article on cnet, where stated that 2017 Oled models will also have less near-black and above-black issues, and that the pixel shifting problems are over, or at least, not noticeable.

Also 2017 models is bringing more brightness, less input lag and better HDR experience, so yes, It's a no brainer !!! I mean, yeah, you can't wait forever, cause every year new tech and new stuff will be released so, what's the point? But I just think that, with 2017 models we will have a much better stability and picture quality then 2016 models... I mean, heck, I have waited 2 years since I sold my Plasma TV, what's a few months or half year more??? If it's worth it... :D
So we shall wait and see the reviews and even if B7 will not make that much of a difference then 2016 B6, as you said, I can always buy a B6, cause prices should drop when B7 is released. So, worst case scenario, I'll buy the B6 way cheaper then now ;)
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I was seriously thinking about getting the lg b7, but have seen reports on forums like av about the dead pixel issue & is really putting me of can this be fixed with a software update ? or is it a panel issue & can only be rectified by getting a replacement or is it a case of just an unlucky few.


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Honestly no TV is going to be perfect and dead pixels if I am right is returnable unless they have changed the rules on that as well.


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thanks for getting back to me I'm watching reviews on you tube & the c7 keeps coming up, what"s the difference between the b7 & c7


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I was seriously thinking about getting the lg b7, but have seen reports on forums like av about the dead pixel issue & is really putting me of can this be fixed with a software update ? or is it a panel issue & can only be rectified by getting a replacement or is it a case of just an unlucky few.

Well no software can fix the stuck or dead pixels although they say that some will . . . Believe me I know I've tried them all . . .

So you best bet is either u live with it, or get a replacement. And no, dead pixel is not a replacement issue unless u have like 8 dead or stuck ones in the same vicinity (1080p) and 16 on 4K. So yeah, the politic sucks big time !!! Your best bet is: make the most of it,try it and push it under the 30 days return policy. After that, is purely luck, though from my experience, dead or stuck pixels will mainly happen at first usage(90% will get suck or dead in the first hours of usage), after which you should be fine. Cheers
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I'm back with news !!!

First of all I wanna thank AV for helping me with this crazy search :)
Special thanks to Dogexander :)


So I bought the TV in February or Mach if I remember correctly when my trust and wish for a LG was shattered by the infinite stuck and dead pixel issue. IT ACTUALLY TOOK ME AROUND 10 OLEDS to find a proper one. That's crazy right???
Well no it's not !!! It happened to me and probably to many people that either don't care, don't know or are not bothered with this issue . . .

So after 10 Oled TVS I finally got it !!! I found "THE ONE" and I can truly say: " WOW " !!! PERFECTION IN A BOX !!!

Yes, you read it exactly how I feel it . . .perfection in a box . . . I mean, with the new updates(2 of my knowledge for 910V which is 1080p) the image quality is ABSOLUTELY MIND BLOWING !!! The near-to-gray and near-to-black issues have improved and the pannel quality i feel is considerably better then with the old firmware.

Oh and of course, after 6 months NO STUCK OR DEAD PIXEL !!!

I was so sick and sad of this issue I was about to give up on the " finding the perfect picture quality TV " but seems that, if u look hard enough, you will find one that has none of the dead or stuck little demons :)))




Well mainly because I game a bit and although owning the LG B6 paired with a GTX 1080, I still couldn't play games like The Witcher 3 or Shadow of Mordor at max !!! And when I bought the 1080 it was expensive as hell, around 500 pounds !!!

So I thought why spend 500 on a video card and still not being able to play games at max??? I mean, why not make the most of it, of the TV ??? Plus not a lot of games that do well, run well on 4K out there, there just not optimized for 4K yet. The 4K video content itself is rare(starting to get better as we go down the road). But don't forget this is January 2017 that we speak of now !!!

I still can't see a big difference between 4K and 1080p with this 55" size and for a good reason: CAUSE IT'S NOT SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

4K vs 1080p IMO !!!


Almost none :)) Even if more content would be available (which started to be but still just scratching the surface), from a movie and game maniac, take this as an advice: The difference is small! Sure the 4K will be clearer and crispier but you will have a hard time to tell if you are not a maniac like me and even then, it would be difficult to spot the differences between a 4K and a 1080p side-by-side . . .


YES pretty big difference but you'll have to be quite close to the TV to notice it and it's far too expensive if u wanna play with the " BIG FISHES " AT ULTRA OR VERY HIGH SETTINGS . IMO it's not worth it YET ;)


I will not go for the 4K version in the near future because of 3 things:


To be able to render 4K properly is crazy if u wanna game as well, you need a bad ass video card and computer(which I have but I'm still not comfortable with paying 500 pounds and still not being able to play at ULTRA settings)


Yes I know, we are already talking about 8K and by the time 4K will be really affordable and the content as well, it would probably be too late for a smart purchase anyway cause 8K is popping up and coming closer as we speak.

So in my opinion a REAL SMART UPGRADE WILL BE 8K (OR 16, 32 . . . ETC :)))) )


So after testing around 20 Tellys and owing several amongst which Monitors and a beautiful Plasma TV, I can honestly say that the difference between 4K and 1080p is not that big. In fact, put the two side by side, feed them the same source(4K or 1080p content) and at a proper distance you will not know the difference. This test was made by many professionals that wanted to find out if the human eye and distinguish the differences from a normal viewing distance !


I have said it earlier but will say it again, where you can really take advantage of the 4K resolution on a TV is ON GAMES, or if somehow u are a masochist and wanna work and photoshop on a 55" Badass TV, which is less likely to happen :)))



After so many years of research and after admitting that I am a tech freak and an avid for quality, I can truly say that I am happy with my purchase. It is true that I am no fan of LG and have never been and I know for sure that the newest Sony and Panasonic OLED TV's will blow LG away, which is already happening but for now, I will have to rest my mind and soul with LG and oh boy, it was a long road . . .

But I have it and Im grateful and happy at the same time !!!
Everytime I watch or game on my 910V I feel immersed in another world, the picture quality and clarity is truly unique and it is a sight to see . . . It's like having an ocular orgasm at every second if u can imagine :))))

So in the end I wanna thank AVFORUMS for helping me choose and for everything they do !!! You guys are great so keep at it and if I can ever help in any way, I will !


For me? Probably next thing will be VIRTUAL REALITY !!!
Im thinking of buying a VR set like HTC VIVE or OCULUS but I will wait for the next generation to come out cause of the content and also the polished image quality that needs to be achieved in the near future . . .

Until then, thanks ya all and keep in touch here :)

Hope u like my review . . .

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Well, it was a long run, but I can honestly say was worth it !!! Frankly I can't imagine my life without the wonders of OLED TV . . . Specially for gamers which will feel immersed and completely absorbed in the depth and colors plus the perfect contrast . . .

Oh and one more thing: The 3D !!! OMG

The 3D on this BEAST is absolutely incredible . . . You have to watch it to believe . . .Way more better than what you see at the cinema, having the colors and clarity of the OLED Panel, to enter the Passive 3D world of 910v is Heavenly :) ;)

Dogexander - You once said that people enter the forums usually to complain and report issues, well, here I am reporting I'm happy with my hunt :))) Oh...and what a hunt it was :D

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Well the miracle didn't last long . . .
I got my first stuck pixel last night . . .

That's it ! I am never going to buy LG ever !!!

Frickin' unbelievable :(((

Panasonic or Sony Oled sounds good . . .

What do you guys think?

Panasonic 1002 or EZ850 vs Sony A1E ???


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Really not sure they are going to be any different from LGs since they use the same LG panels. Some people think Panasonic and Sony cherry pick better ones but I don't think so personally.

Sorry to hear about your stuck pixel :(

Well Im thinking 2017 panels are better then 2015( my 910v) . . . In 2 years maybe they fixed the dead/stuck pixel issues??? Less chance to happen??? I dont know...

Plus brands like Panasonic and Sony never let me down . . .

So should I sell mine and buy a 4k Panny or Sony?

Is there a way to fix a stuck pixel? A program or smth? Tried one program but didnt work . . .

Help ? :(



Sometimes they disappear, sometimes they don't. Some people have claimed showing different colours or using programmes to clear them help, I'm not sure.

Its not even considered a fault by manufacturers if you buy a new TV with a dead pixel so I'm not sure manufacturing now means you are any less likely to get one, its just one of those things that will probably never change.

Technically you could sell your current TV and buy one with 2 dead/stuck pixels and be worse off.


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Hey Dodge and thanks for replying !!! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

You are probably right, I remember last year on my hunt for " the perfect TV " that I tested several 2016 4K panels (LG B6) and found that all of them had at least one stuck/dead pixel . . . Some had even 3 or 4, cause of bigger resolution, more pixels, so obviously, grater chance to get dead/stuck ones . . .

So Im not sure what to think anymore but it's probably a gamble, you clearly have very low to none chances to find a TV that has or will have no dead/stuck pixel . . .

Well as we progress and more content becomes available, I am thinking of getting 4K TV as I will be gaming and really take advantage of the huge resolution its providing . . .

I am not sure if now is a good time as the prices are quite high . . . Maybe later this year when the new models will be available ???

One thing is certain: Panasonic or Sony for me . . .

I watched lots of reviews and even Vincent Toth from HDTVTEST says that LG B7 unit is the weekest of OLED panels this year . . . With the best being Panasonic and Sony followed by Phillips and last LG !!!

So even though they all use the same display from LG, they are way better in terms of picture quality, near-black and near-gray uniformity, clarity and so on . . .



He also says the LG tv's have the best HDR due to their superior tone mapping.

I too follow Vincent but the differences between each OLED is in its picture processing really. There are aspects that the LG models do better than there more expensive counterparts which is why I'm reluctant to recommend the others from a value perspective.

But this is UK prices, some countries the other OLEDs are just as cheap.

Happy New Year to you too and may this one bring more luck to you!

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