Best 46" FULL HD option (Sony X,W or Samsung M86)

Kevin 33

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Hi Guys
my first post at a great forum

I am looking to buy my first LCD, a 46" screen, with 1080 p resolution.

With all my research, and with the help of this forum I understand the SONY X series (KDL-46X2000) is the unanimous winner. However, the price difference between X and W is quite substantial and apparently the difference in features is not too great (of course the X has a better aeshetic appeal with the transparent border etc, which I personally dont care much about)

Given there are no specific reviews on the KDL-46W2000 (and considering all the clouds or Mura issues), which is better, the Sony 46W2000 or the Samsng M 86 series (LE-46M86BD) .

thanks a lot


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Hi and welcome to the forums :thumbsup:

Can't comment on the Sammy but I can share my view on the Sony. You are already clued up on the w/x debate - aesthetical appeal is the biggie although the x engine is different. After many demo's, I personally couldn't justify the difference although many will have.

I am delighted with the 46W's clarity over freeview, 1080i on xbox, 1080p on ps3 and the 576p of standard DVD's is not a million miles from a blue ray disc! BTW I have backlit mine with some blue LED strips and the backlighting HAS eased the eye in darker conditions.

Got a small clouding on a black AV screen, but is totally oblivious with a picture.


Hi Kevin,

I also have the Sony 46W, did nt like the 46x styling, had it since November, still think the picture is amazing, was watching an advert on sky channel 4 last night and was thinking how good the picture was!

Dont think the enhanced 46x bravia engine will make much difference, most people seem to run their Sonys X & Ws with all enhacements turned off anyway, I certainly do as I think the picture is generally better.

There is some unevenness/clouding visible on a black blank screen but not noticable when watching anything, unless you want to really really look for it in very dark sceens instead of enjoying the film etc.

Cant comment on the Sammy but all lcd tvs seem to have some problem or other, looked/at researched a lot before I bought and every alternative had some problem reported on these forums. I certainly recommend the 46W dont think you will be disapointed if you get one.

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