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Hi all,

Just after some advice regarding a new TV. I mainly watch sport so want the best in terms of stability. I also watch general TV shows on netflix etc and am a casual gamer. Not really fussed about anything else.

Ive been considering the Samsung q60r as can get for £425 or one of the sony series xg8096 or maybe 8396. Not sure of the difference really. Any help greatly appreciated.

I know bigger is better when it comes to screens but only have room for a 43 inch in the space it's going.



There's a distinct lack of choice and good value options when it comes to smaller TVs now. The sweet spot for value is at 55 or 65", and whilst 49 or 50" models give more value than 43" usually, they still aren't great.

The best model for sport at 43" would be the Sony XG83 series, but its costly and certainly if you buy it for you new you are paying almost the same as you'd pay to get a TV of equal spec at 55 or 65". I wouldn't recommend paying £600, so unless you find one pops up here: Bargain - Sony centre direct refurbished store thread for a good price you would be wise instead to spend less money. Yes you'll get worse motion, but I'm not sure it's justifiable spending so much.

For motion and value for money I'd consider LGs UM7 series instead, if find one of Sony's XG80 or XG81 models (same TVs) for £350-400 they may also be a good option.

Best buys are all here: My best value TVs, 2019-2020 Edition

In the opening post there's an important bit about panel types, if you are limited to 43" you will only want to be looking at IPS panel type for the best motion.

TVs from Samsung and Philips at 43" have unknown types of panels, so I don't recommend them. If you were to buy the Q60R you wouldn't really know what to expect until you own the TV.

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